Gold Prices Dropped! Check the Latest Prices in Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Srinagar and More

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Gold Prices Dropped! Check the Latest Prices in Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Mumbai and More

Delhi, India – In the latest update on precious metal rates, gold and silver prices exhibited minor fluctuations, providing valuable insights for investors and enthusiasts alike.

As of today, 10 grams of 24-carat gold stand at Rs. 62,660.0 in Delhi, marking a subtle dip of Rs. 490.0. Meanwhile, the silver market sees a pricing of Rs. 77,700.0 per kilogram, with a decrease of Rs. 800.0.

Over the past week, 24-carat gold has witnessed a marginal decline of -1.38%, and over the month, a slight drop of -2.07%. In the dynamic realm of precious metals, these nuances hold significance for those closely tracking market trends.

Local variations in gold and silver prices across major cities are as follows:

  • Chennai: Gold – Rs. 63,160.0 / 10g, Silver – Rs. 79,700.0 / 1kg.
  • Delhi: Gold – Rs. 62,660.0 / 10g, Silver – Rs. 77,700.0 / 1kg.
  • Mumbai: Gold – Rs. 62,510.0 / 10g, Silver – Rs. 77,700.0 / 1kg.
  • Kolkata: Gold – Rs. 62,510.0 / 10g, Silver – Rs. 77,700.0 / 1kg.
  • Srinagar: Gold – Rs. 61,220.0/ 10g, Silver – Rs. ₹ 79,700 / 1kg.

Moreover, the futures market provides additional insights into the trajectory of precious metals. The April 2024 MCX gold futures were trading at Rs. 62,390.0 per 10 grams, down by 0.214% at the time of this report.

Simultaneously, the May 2024 MCX silver futures stood at Rs. 75,580.0 per kilogram, exhibiting a minor decrease of 0.061%.

Gold and silver prices remain subject to a myriad of factors, including input from esteemed jewelers, global demand for gold, currency fluctuations, interest rates, and government regulations.

The broader international landscape, encompassing the global economy and the strength of the US dollar against other currencies, further contributes to the nuanced shifts witnessed in the Indian precious metals market.

Investors and enthusiasts keen on staying abreast of these market dynamics can find valuable insights in these latest updates.

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