DSEK Takes Action Against Private School, Cancels Registration

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DSEK Takes Action Against Private School, Cancels Registration

The Government of Jammu and Kashmir’s Directorate of School Education, Kashmir, has made a significant decision regarding the recognition of Foundation World School, Mamat, Budgam.

The Chief Education Officer (CEO) of Budgam, through a formal letter dated March 18, 2024, highlighted several concerning issues related to the school’s management.

According to the CEO’s communication, an inquiry committee was formed to investigate the matter, but the school management failed to cooperate effectively. Despite repeated attempts, the committee faced obstacles in obtaining necessary documents and materials from the school management, delaying the inquiry process.

Furthermore, the Principal of BHSS Budgam emphasized that the school management displayed a lack of interest in considering or implementing suggestions, as well as disregarding the involvement of departmental representatives in official school matters, as per established norms.

Both the CEO and the BHSS Principal recommended strict action against Foundation World School, citing its consistent failure to adhere to directives issued by competent authorities.

The school’s recurrent defiance of instructions reflects a concerning attitude towards authority, prompting serious concern from the Directorate of School Education.

In light of these issues and the persistent delinquency exhibited by the school management, the Directorate has decided to withdraw the Recognition Order (No: REC0000029) issued to Foundation World School, effective immediately.

The decision aims to address the repeated non-compliance of the school with established norms and directives, ensuring accountability and adherence to educational standards.

Copies of the order have been sent to relevant authorities, including the Administrative Secretary to the Government, School Education Department J&K (UT), the Deputy Commissioner of Budgam, and other stakeholders for information and necessary action.

This move underscores the Directorate’s commitment to maintaining the integrity and quality of education in the region, emphasizing the importance of compliance and cooperation from educational institutions.

Foundation World School, Mamat, Budgam, and its stakeholders are urged to take note of the decision and act accordingly.

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