Electricity Bills Increased in Kashmir – Find Out the Amount Hiked

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Electricity Bills Increased in Kashmir – Find Out the Amount Hiked

In a recent development, residents from various areas in south Kashmir are expressing dissatisfaction with the Power Development Department (PDD) for consistently raising electricity bills.

The locals are urging authorities to reconsider the decision, citing financial strain on households.

Ab Rashid, residing in the Litter area, informed news agency that bills have been inflated without conducting any surveys, leading to significant increases ranging from Rs 1050 to 1300 per month for some consumers.

The lack of prior consent from residents regarding enhanced consumption load has caused frustration among the affected population.

Subzar Ahmad from Shopian highlighted the impact of unscheduled power cuts, emphasizing that while residents endure disruptions, the PDD continues to raise electricity bills.

He expressed shock over increased load agreements and bill amounts without consumer consent, particularly affecting financially vulnerable individuals in villages.

Ab Hamid, a consumer from Anantnag, voiced concerns over the frequent tariff hikes in the past year or two, urging the government to consider the financial strain on the poor.

He suggested separate rates for Above Poverty Line (APL) and Below Poverty Line (BPL) ration card holders, emphasizing the need for tailored schemes to address the diverse economic backgrounds.

Residents are appealing to the PDD to review its decision, emphasizing the potential hardships imposed on the people.

The call for reconsideration aims to alleviate the burden on financially weaker sections of the community, urging a more balanced approach to electricity tariff adjustments.

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