Jammu & Kashmir Govt Releases Important Update on SRO-43 Cases

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Jammu & Kashmir Govt Releases Important Update on SRO-43 Cases

Srinagar, Dec 19: In a noteworthy move, the Jammu & Kashmir administration has instructed various departments to promptly address pending compassionate appointment cases falling under SRO-43.

These cases involve situations where no relaxation in age or educational qualifications is needed, and suitable positions are readily available.

The government’s directive, conveyed to administrative secretaries, emphasizes the resolution of all outstanding compassionate appointment cases governed by SRO-43/1994. The directive explicitly advises departments to handle cases within their jurisdiction, avoiding unnecessary referrals to the General Administration Department (GAD).

The official memorandum from the GAD underscores the importance of departments settling these cases at their own level after thorough scrutiny and adherence to procedural formalities outlined in SRO-43/1994 and relevant legal provisions.

Departments are instructed to submit fortnightly compliance reports to the GAD, detailing the number of resolved cases for further review by the chief secretary.

Crucially, the GAD highlights that cases falling within the competence of the administrative department/head of department should not be referred to the GAD, streamlining the resolution process.

SRO-43, addressing compassionate appointments, covers eligible individuals, such as the kin of those killed in militancy or border-related incidents and government employees who passed away during their service.

This directive follows the replacement of SRO-43 by a new compassionate appointment policy effective from January 1, 2023

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