J&K Government Issues Social Media Rules for Employees

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J&K Government Issues Social Media Rules for Employees

In a recent development, the Government of Jammu and Kashmir has rolled out a comprehensive set of guidelines concerning the utilization of social media platforms by government employees.

The guidelines, outlined in Government Order No. 1646-JK(GAD) of 2017 dated 26.12.2017, emphasize the importance of adherence to these directives.

The circular highlights specific provisions from the Jammu and Kashmir Employees Conduct Rules, 1971, pertaining to the conduct of government employees regarding public discussions and criticisms of governmental policies and actions.

It underscores the significance of upholding professionalism and refraining from actions that could compromise the integrity of government institutions.

Additionally, the circular underscores the legal framework governing social media usage and employee conduct, citing Article 19(2) of the Constitution of India and the Jammu and Kashmir Government Employees (Conduct) Rules, 1971.

These regulations outline the expected behavior of employees, both in their personal and professional capacities.

Despite the existence of these guidelines and regulations, instances of government servants violating social media protocols have been observed.

The circular highlights unauthorized dissemination of official information, posting of politically or communally sensitive content, and engagement in discussions that contravene established rules.

To reinforce compliance, the circular reiterates the key provisions of the existing guidelines. These include restrictions on sharing confidential information, refraining from criticizing government policies, and avoiding participation in political or divisive discussions on social media platforms.

Furthermore, the circular emphasizes the prohibition of posting inappropriate content about colleagues, airing workplace grievances on social media, and participating in dubious online contests or giveaways.

Government employees are reminded of their responsibility to adhere to these guidelines and legal principles. Violations are deemed as misconduct and may result in disciplinary action as per the established framework.

Administrative authorities are directed to take prompt action against employees found in violation of these guidelines, including initiating disciplinary proceedings. Additionally, administrators of group platforms are held accountable for ensuring compliance among their members.

In light of these measures, the Government of Jammu and Kashmir seeks to foster responsible social media usage among its employees, promoting professionalism and upholding the integrity of public institutions.

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