New 73 Positions Created in J&K Police, Details Here

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New 73 Positions Created in J&K Police, Details Here

In a recent development, the Government of Jammu and Kashmir’s Home Department has given the green light for the establishment of a Finger Print Bureau (FPB) within the J&K Police.

This decision, backed by several key references and administrative council decisions, aims to bolster the state’s law enforcement capabilities.

The creation of 73 new positions has been sanctioned to facilitate the smooth functioning of the FPB. These positions span various ranks, encompassing roles from Senior Superintendent of Police to Constables, each playing a crucial role in the bureau’s operations.

The breakdown of positions is as follows:

1. Senior Superintendent of Police (2 positions)
2. Superintendent of Police (7 positions)
3. Deputy Superintendent of Police (22 positions)
4. Inspector (7 positions)
5. Sub-Inspector (1 position)
6. Head Constable (28 positions)
7. Sg/Constable (1 position)
8. Inspector (S) (1 position)
9. Inspector (M) (1 position)
10. Sub-Inspector(M) (1 position)
11. Sub-Inspector (S) (1 position)
12. Head Constable (M) (1 position)

These roles cover various pay levels, ensuring competitive remuneration for the individuals contributing to the FPB’s success.

This initiative, outlined in the Government Order No.: 656-Home of 2023, dated 31.12.2023, signifies the government’s commitment to enhancing the efficiency and capabilities of law enforcement agencies in the region.

The decision is backed by references from the Police Headquarters and the Finance Department, reflecting a comprehensive and collaborative approach to addressing the needs of the J&K Police force.

This move is anticipated to fortify the state’s crime-solving capabilities, particularly in cases where fingerprint analysis is crucial.

The introduction of these positions underscores the government’s dedication to maintaining law and order, contributing to a safer and more secure Jammu and Kashmir.

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