Private Schools Still Open Despite Winter Vacation; CEO Issues Warning

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Private Schools Still Open Despite Winter Break; CEO Issues Warning

In a recent circular issued by the Government of Jammu & Kashmir (Union Territory), the Office of the Chief Education Officer in Anantnag highlighted a growing concern regarding unauthorized operations of private schools and coaching centers.

The circular, dated 18/12/2023, brings attention to the fact that certain private schools are conducting tuitions despite the ongoing winter break.

Students are reportedly being compelled to attend these sessions, raising questions about the legitimacy of such activities during the break period.

Additionally, it has been noted that some coaching centers are operating without proper approval and registration. The circular serves as a warning to the management of these institutions, urging them to cease such activities immediately to avoid potential legal actions.

The Government has emphasized the need for strict compliance with rules and regulations, and the circular serves as a precursor to potential actions against the violators.

The management of private schools and coaching centers has been strongly advised to refrain from such unauthorized operations.

Furthermore, the circular highlights the role of Zonal level monitoring committees, emphasizing their responsibility in closely monitoring and reporting any instances of violation.

These committees, already established for monitoring purposes, are expected to maintain a vigilant stance to ensure compliance with the directives.

As the Government takes measures to address this concern, it remains to be seen how the educational institutions respond to the circular and whether there will be increased scrutiny on unauthorized operations in the region.

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