RTO Kashmir Shares Big News for Driving License Holders – Check Here

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RTO Kashmir Shares Big News for Driving License Holders – Check Here

In a recent statement to a news agency, RTO Kashmir, Syed Shahnawaz Bukhari KAS, has assured the public that the printing of driving licenses is set to recommence within 15 to 20 days.

The announcement comes as a relief to many individuals who have faced delays in obtaining their driving licenses.

Addressing the issue, Shahnawaz Bukhari highlighted that the previous delay in the printing process was attributed to in-house production. In an effort to expedite the issuance of driving licenses, the RTO has decided to outsource the printing task to a government agency.

This strategic move is expected to streamline the process and significantly reduce the waiting time for applicants.

“The decision to collaborate with a government agency for the printing of driving licenses aims to enhance efficiency and ensure a prompt delivery of essential documents to the applicants,” stated Shahnawaz Bukhari during the conversation with the news agency.

Residents of Kashmir eagerly awaiting their driving licenses can anticipate a more efficient and accelerated process, with the RTO projecting a timeline of 15 to 20 days for the commencement of printing.

The outsourcing of this task is anticipated to mark a positive shift in the overall speed and effectiveness of the licensing system in the region.

As the RTO works towards the implementation of these changes, individuals are encouraged to stay updated through official channels for any further announcements or developments regarding the resumption of the driving license printing process in Kashmir.

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