JKBOSE Issues Center Notice for Annual Regular Examinations 2024 – Classes 10th, 11th, and 12th

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JKBOSE Issues Center Notice for Annual Regular Examinations 2024 – Classes 10th, 11th, and 12th

In a recent development, the Jammu & Kashmir Board of School Education, Sub-Office Pulwama, has released a notification outlining the private institutions tagged with government institutions for the upcoming SSE/HSE-1/HSE-11 (Class 10/11/12) Annual Regular Examinations in 2024.

The Chief Education Officer of Pulwama, in a memorandum (No:-F(SOP-Tagged Schools)B/24) dated January 24, 2024, provided a detailed list of tagged schools along with the number of candidates for each class.

The information is crucial for both students and educators as they prepare for these significant examinations.

Download the List of Tagged Schools below

The list encompasses a diverse range of institutions, including private and government schools, reflecting the collaborative effort to ensure a smooth examination process for students across Pulwama.

As the Assistant Secretary of the Sub-Office, Pulwama, signatory to the memorandum, emphasizes the significance of this information for the concerned stakeholders.

This announcement is expected to facilitate better coordination and preparedness among schools and students alike as they gear up for the upcoming examinations.

As the education community in Pulwama focuses on these crucial assessments, the collaboration between private and government institutions remains integral to the success of the examination process.

Download Here

This school tagging notice is currently specific to Pulwama District. We would like to reassure students and stakeholders that Center Notices for other districts will be uploaded very soon. Your patience is appreciated as we work diligently to provide comprehensive information for all districts.

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