Kashmir University Issues Important Notice to Under Graduate Students

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Kashmir University Issues Important Notice to Under Graduate Students

A recent notification from Kashmir University has brought good news for Batch 2016 BG students, who completed their academic journey in the January-February 2020 session.

The university, holding a prestigious NAAC Accredited Grade “A+,” has officially announced the dispatch of their long-awaited degree certificates. This announcement follows the declaration of their results on May 16, 2020.

In an official notice dated January 8, 2024, the Assistant Controller of Examinations, MX AaDiL, informed all concerned students that their degree certificates are currently in transit to their respective colleges.

As of January 11, 2024, students are welcome to collect their certificates without incurring any additional fees or charges. This generous initiative aims to simplify the certificate retrieval process and ensure accessibility for all eligible students.

The official communication, identified as F(Degree Cert-BG)CE/KU/24, serves as a formal announcement of this positive development. The Assistant Controller of Examinations MX AaDiL, reachable at 9622681595 (Certificates), is available for any further assistance or queries related to the certificate collection process.

This move by Kashmir University not only underscores its commitment to academic excellence but also demonstrates a student-centric approach by waiving any collection fees.

As the BG students eagerly await the retrieval of their well-deserved certificates, this initiative reflects the university’s dedication to facilitating a smooth transition for graduates into the next phase of their academic or professional journey.

For all concerned individuals, this notification serves as a reminder to mark January 11, 2024, as the day to collect their hard-earned degree certificates from the designated colleges.

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