Bengaluru Rain Could Affect Pakistan’s Path to the Semi-Finals Against New Zealand

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Bengaluru Rain Could Affect Pakistan’s Path to the Semi-Finals Against New Zealand

In a highly anticipated showdown set to take place on November 4 in Bengaluru, New Zealand and Pakistan will go head-to-head in what is effectively a virtual quarterfinal in the ongoing cricket tournament. The stakes are high, as both teams vie for a coveted spot in the semi-finals.

New Zealand finds themselves in a precarious position after suffering three consecutive defeats, with their latest loss to South Africa. However, their strong net run-rate (NRR) of 0.484 could be their saving grace. A victory in this match should be sufficient to secure their place in the top four.

On the other hand, Pakistan has rekindled their hopes for a semi-final berth and aims to outperform New Zealand with a convincing win in Bengaluru to improve their NRR of -0.024.

To achieve this, Pakistan must either win by a margin of 84 runs or chase down any target with 15 overs to spare, which would propel them to the fourth spot on the points table.

One unpredictable factor in this clash is the weather. The forecast for the New Zealand-Pakistan match in Bengaluru raises concerns about potential disruptions due to rain. AccuWeather predicts that November 4 is expected to be “mostly cloudy with a couple of showers and a thunderstorm in the afternoon.”

There is a 68 percent probability of precipitation throughout the day, which decreases to 25 percent at night according to AccuWeather.

BBC Weather’s rain predictor also indicates a range of 50 percent to 37 percent during match hours on November 4, with temperatures expected to fluctuate between 22 and 28 degrees Celsius.

These weather conditions could add an element of unpredictability to this crucial encounter, making it all the more intriguing for cricket fans worldwide.

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