New Call Forwarding Scam: Jio, Airtel and Truecaller Issue Warnings

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Beware of ‘Call Forwarding Scam’ Targeting Innocent Mobile Users

In a concerning development, criminals have resorted to a deceptive ‘call forwarding scam,’ putting mobile users at risk across the country. This scam, though not new, continues to be a threat, despite warnings from telecom operators and caller identification apps like Reliance Jio, Airtel, and Truecaller.

How the ‘Call Forwarding Scam’ Operates:

Scammers, posing as customer service representatives from mobile network operators or internet service providers, contact unsuspecting individuals. They use various pretexts, such as inquiring about mobile internet or broadband issues, claiming account hacks, or simulating problems with SIM cards.

To offer a supposed quick fix, the fraudsters instruct smartphone users to dial a specific number starting with *401*. What victims may not realize is that this code activates call forwarding to the scammer’s number.

Once in control of the victim’s calls, the scammers attempt to breach other accounts, including messaging apps and bank accounts.

The Risks Involved:

With call forwarding enabled, scammers can intercept calls and receive voice-based One-Time Passwords (OTPs). Importantly, victims remain unaware that their calls are being redirected to another device, as no calls reach their phones. All incoming calls are routed to the fraudsters’ number.

The primary objective of these scams is to steal money, and even with robust bank security systems, the possibility of a cyberattack remains. Smartphone users are often the weak link, as scammers may gain access to sensitive accounts like WhatsApp.

Staying Safe from the ‘Call Forwarding Scam’:

To protect yourself, adhere to the following guidelines:
1. Avoid dialing codes or sending SMS from your number.
2. Implement passcodes or biometric authentication to secure your phone.
3. Never share sensitive information, such as OTPs, with unknown callers claiming to be from your ISP or mobile network provider.

Vigilance is key in safeguarding against this call forwarding scam that continues to pose a significant threat to mobile users.

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