BIG News: Western Disturbance to Bring Heavy Snowfall in Kashmir Plains

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BIG News: Western Disturbance to Bring Heavy Snowfall in Kashmir Plains

As winter maintains its firm grip on the Kashmir valley during the ongoing ‘Chillai-Kalan,’ an upcoming weather event is poised to bring a change to the current weather dynamics.

The latest meteorological reports indicate the likelihood of a moderate Western Disturbance (WD) making its way to the region from January 26th to 28th, promising a spell of moderate to heavy snowfall.

Meteorological officials are closely monitoring these disturbances, forecasting the potential for moderate to heavy snowfall in the plains of Kashmir.

The atmospheric conditions are expected to shift with feeble WDs expected to approach on the evenings of January 16th and 20th.

In the days ahead, under the influence of these disturbances, the Kashmir valley is expected to experience generally cloudy weather.

Additionally, there is a chance of light rain and snow over isolated middle and higher reaches, particularly during the nights of January 16th to 20th.

It is crucial to highlight that Kashmir is currently navigating through the 40-day harsh winter period known as ‘Chillai-Kalan,’ set to conclude on January 29th.

However, the conclusion of Chillai-Kalan doesn’t signify the end of winter; it seamlessly transitions into a 20-day period referred to as ‘Chillai-Khurd’ from January 30th to February 19th. Following this, there is a subsequent 10-day stretch known as ‘Chillai-Bachha’ (baby cold) from February 20th to March 1st.

Residents and local authorities are advised to stay vigilant and stay updated on the evolving weather conditions.

Precautionary measures are recommended to ensure the well-being of the community during this anticipated period of snowfall.

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