Snowfall Alert: 3 Western Disturbances Expected to Bring Heavy Snow to Kashmir

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Snowfall Alert: 3 Western Disturbances Expected to Bring Heavy Snow to Kashmir

In the wake of an extended dry spell in the picturesque region of Jammu and Kashmir, a significant atmospheric shift is poised to unfold, as three consequential Western Disturbances (WDs) are slated to influence the prevailing weather patterns.

First WD (25th Jan – 27th Jan):

J&K and Ladakh find themselves in the crosshairs of the initial disturbance, heralding the expectation of widespread light to moderate rain and snow throughout this period.

The atmospheric dance promises a refreshing change from the dry conditions that have persisted.

Second WD (27th Jan – 29th Jan):

As the calendar progresses, attention shifts to various areas in the valley, where a panorama of light to moderate snowfall is poised to adorn the landscape.

Kashmir, in particular, braces itself for a snowy spectacle, with isolated instances of heavy snowfall anticipated in higher and middle reaches, as well as the plains.

Third WD (30th Jan – 2nd Feb):

Distinguished by its robust nature compared to its predecessors, the third WD is anticipated to make a lasting impact.

A canvas of moderate to heavy rain and snow is expected to unfurl across most parts of Kashmir.

Noteworthy is the likelihood of the plains experiencing their first significant snowfall of the season, with certain regions facing the prospect of very heavy snowfall.

Beyond the borders of J&K, Himachal Pradesh is also poised to partake in this meteorological theatre with a notable snowfall.

While these weather forecasts provide a comprehensive overview, it’s imperative to acknowledge the inherent unpredictability of atmospheric conditions.

Night Temperature Insights:

According to the latest observations from the Meteorological Department, Srinagar experienced a nighttime low of minus 5.3°C, dipping below the previous night’s reading of minus 4.8°C.

This deviation of 3.0°C below the seasonal norm for the summer capital of J&K hints at a discernible cold spell.

In Qazigund, the mercury settled at minus 5.2°C, a marginal decrease from the previous night’s recording of minus 5.0°C. This nighttime chill registered a deviation of 1.3°C below the normal temperature for this gateway town of Kashmir.

Pahalgam, the renowned resort in south Kashmir, recorded a low of minus 6.9°C, slightly above the previous night’s reading of minus 6.5°C. Despite this, the temperature remained 0.6°C higher than the seasonal norm, providing a chilly backdrop to the scenic beauty.

Kokernag, situated in south Kashmir, marked a minimum temperature of minus 2.6°C, indicating a slight increase from the previous night’s recording of minus 2.3°C. Notably, the temperature at this location was above normal by 1.0°C.

Moving to north Kashmir, Kupwara town recorded a low of minus 6.0°C, revealing a drop from the previous night’s reading of minus 5.7°C. This departure of 2.8°C below the normal temperature characterizes the chilling conditions prevailing in the area.

Gulmarg, the renowned skiing resort in north Kashmir, registered a low of minus 4.0°C, signaling a shift from the previous night’s reading of minus 5.0°C. Remarkably, the temperature at this world-famous destination deviated by 4.0°C above the seasonal norm.

Meanwhile, Jammu, the winter capital of J&K, marked a minimum temperature of 5.0°C, reflecting a decline from the previous night’s recording of 5.6°C. This deviation of 2.0°C below the normal temperature underscores the colder nights experienced in the region.

In the peripheral areas, Banihal recorded a low of minus 1.0°C, Batote settled at 2.2°C, and Bhaderwah marked a chilly minus 0.2°C.

As we anticipate the arrival of significant Western Disturbances, the juxtaposition of cold nights and impending wet spells paints a dynamic meteorological canvas for Jammu and Kashmir. Stay tuned for further updates on these evolving weather patterns.

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