Snowfall Predicted! Weather Update For The Next 3 Days In Kashmir

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Get Ready! Weather Outlook for the Next 3 Days in Kashmir

Kashmir, India – Stepping into the world of weather, we find ourselves in the captivating Kashmir Valley today. As the day unfolds, meteorologists predict a rather tranquil atmosphere with no major weather phenomena to highlight.

Nonetheless, there lingers a chance of light rain or snow activity making an appearance in select areas.

The Upcoming Weather Scenario for the Next 3 Days

Peering into the crystal ball of weather forecasting, our attention is drawn to the next three days. Tomorrow, the region might witness isolated rain showers, teasing our anticipation.

However, the real meteorological story comes to life between Monday and Tuesday morning when a moderate spell of rain and snow is poised to grace the valley.

This forthcoming spell is expected to paint the higher-altitude areas with a picturesque snow cover, with a few spots possibly experiencing heavy snow showers.

Intriguingly, the middle reaches of the Shopian-Kulgam belt might also embrace the beauty of snowfall. Moreover, it is quite likely that maximum daytime temperatures will stay modestly below 13°C in most regions of the Kashmir Valley on Monday.

The weather aficionados among us will be pleased to know that the possibility of rain or snow showers lingering until Tuesday afternoon cannot be ruled out.

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