J&K Bank Issues 3 Important Notices for Customers: Check All Here

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J&K Bank Issues 3 Important Notices for Customers

In a recent development, Jammu and Kashmir Bank (JKB) has issued three vital notices that all customers should take note of. These notices pertain to changes and updates in their banking services. Here, we’ll break down each of these notices to ensure that you are well-informed about the changes that could affect you.

Notice 1: Attention Customers – IMPS Services Update

The first notice from Jammu and Kashmir Bank informs customers about an important update regarding their IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) services. Effective immediately, IMPS services will be available only on the new JKB mPay Delight plus app.

This means that to continue enjoying seamless mobile payments, you need to download the new app from the Play Store or Apple Store. The transition to this new app is crucial for uninterrupted mobile banking services, and JKB recommends that all customers make this change promptly.

Notice 2: PAN/FORM60 and Phone Number Update

The second notice from the bank is a request to all customers to update their PAN (Permanent Account Number) or FORM60 details and their registered phone number.

This update is essential to ensure that you can continue to enjoy uninterrupted banking services. If you have already updated your information, you can disregard this notice. However, if you haven’t, it’s important to take action and update your details as soon as possible.

Notice 3: Attention Customers – Penal Interest on SMA2 Accounts

The third and final notice highlights a change in the bank’s policies regarding accounts in default. According to the notice, from October 15, 2023, the bank will be charging a 2% penal interest on the amount in default in SMA2 accounts.

An SMA2 account refers to an account in default for a period ranging from 61 to 90 days. To avoid incurring this penal interest, all borrowers are requested to clear the default amount in their loan account without any delay. This notice serves as a reminder for customers to take action promptly and prevent additional charges.

Jammu and Kashmir Bank has released three important notices for its customers, each of which requires attention and action if applicable to your account. The bank is making efforts to enhance its services and streamline operations, and it’s crucial for customers to stay updated and comply with these changes to avoid any disruptions or penalties.


1. What is SMA2, as mentioned in the third notice?

  • SMA2 stands for Special Mention Account 2, which refers to accounts in default for a period ranging from 61 to 90 days.

2. Why is Jammu and Kashmir Bank moving IMPS services to a new app?

  • The transition to a new app is aimed at providing a more seamless and efficient mobile banking experience for customers.

3. What should I do if I’ve already updated my PAN and phone number?

  • If you’ve already updated your information, you can disregard the second notice.

4. How can I download the new JKB mPay Delight plus app?

  • You can download the app from the Play Store or Apple Store on your mobile device.

5. Is there a deadline for clearing the default amount in my loan account?

  • According to the third notice, the bank will start charging penal interest from October 15, 2023, so it’s advisable to clear the default amount before this date to avoid additional charges.
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