JKBOSE Latest Notifications For 10th, 11th and 12th For Jammu and Kashmir Divisions

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JKBOSE Latest Notifications for Jammu and Kashmir Divisions

In the ever-evolving landscape of education in the beautiful regions of Jammu and Kashmir, the Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education (JKBOSE) is continually working towards providing students with the best possible educational opportunities. To keep you informed, we bring you the latest notifications from JKBOSE for both the Jammu and Kashmir divisions.

Jammu Division

Admission Notification for 10th/12th through JKSOS

JKBOSE has released an essential notification regarding admissions for the 10th and 12th classes through the Jammu and Kashmir State Open School (JKSOS). This notification provides vital information for students who aspire to enroll in these classes, ensuring they have the opportunity to kickstart their academic journey.

Minor Correction Slip No. 265 of 2023

Dated 12.10.2023
A minor correction slip has been issued by JKBOSE, and it’s dated 12th October 2023. It’s crucial for students and educational stakeholders to stay updated with such corrections, as they may impact the academic processes and schedules.

Minor Correction Slip No. 264 of 2023

Dated 12.10.2023
Just like the previous slip, JKBOSE has released another correction slip on the same date. These minor corrections ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided by the board, maintaining the standards of education in the region.

Practical Datesheet of Secondary School Examination (Class 10th)

For Bi-Annual/Annual Private Session 2023
Jammu City Male/Female, RS Pura, Tehsil Jammu & Bishnah
The practical datesheet for the Secondary School Examination (Class 10th) for the Bi-Annual/Annual Private Session 2023 has been released for various locations in the Jammu division. Students and educational institutions can use this information to prepare for the upcoming examinations effectively.

Extension Notification for Admission in 10th/12th for JKSOSView
Minor Correction Slip No. 265 of 2023 Dated 12.10.2023View
Minor Correction Slip No. 264 of 2023 Dated 12.10.2023View
Practical Datesheet of Seconday School Examination (Class 10th) for Bi-Annual/Annual Private Session 2023 for Jammu City Male/Female,RS Pura, Tehsil Jammu & BishnahView

Kashmir Division

Providing of Registration Return Details

JKBOSE is facilitating candidates by providing registration return details, ensuring that every student has access to accurate information. Additionally, candidates are encouraged to report any necessary corrections in their registration return particulars, thus maintaining data integrity and accuracy.

Extension Notification for Admission in Classes 10th/12th

Through JKSOS Session 2023-24
JKBOSE has extended the admission notification for classes 10th and 12th through the Jammu and Kashmir State Open School for the session 2023-24. This extension provides students with an extended window of opportunity to enroll in these classes, supporting their educational aspirations.

Notification Regarding Fresh Dates for Conduct of Examination

Of Vocational Subjects and Social Science Paper Pertaining to Class 10th Bi Annual 2023
JKBOSE is taking a proactive approach by providing fresh dates for the examination of vocational subjects and the Social Science paper for Class 10th students in the Bi Annual 2023 session. This ensures that students are well-prepared for their exams, knowing when they need to be at their best.

Notification Regarding Postponement of SSE (Class 10th) Exams

Of Social Science and Vocational Subject Session Bi Annual/Annual Private 2023
In light of unforeseen circumstances, JKBOSE has made the responsible decision to postpone the SSE (Class 10th) exams for Social Science and Vocational Subjects in the Bi Annual/Annual Private 2023 session. Students and educators should stay updated for further information and rescheduling details.

Providing of Registration Return details to the candidates and reporting of Correction (if any) in Registration Return Particulars- Reg:View
Extension Notification for Admission in Classes 10th/12th through JKSOS session 2023-24View
Notification regarding Fresh dates for conduct of examination of Vocational Subjects and Social Science paper pertaining to Class 10th Bi Annual 2023View
Notification regarding postponement of SSE (Class 10th) Exams of Social Science and Vocational Subject Session Bi Annual/Annual Private 2023View

In a region as culturally diverse and educationally rich as Jammu and Kashmir, staying informed about the latest updates from JKBOSE is crucial for students and educators alike. These notifications are designed to ensure that students receive the best education and have access to accurate and timely information. JKBOSE’s commitment to excellence in education shines through in these notifications.


1. How can I access the latest JKBOSE notifications?

You can access the latest notifications from JKBOSE on their official website or through reputable educational news outlets.

2. Why are correction slips important in education?

Correction slips are crucial to maintain data accuracy and ensure that students and educational institutions have the most reliable information.

3. What is the Jammu and Kashmir State Open School (JKSOS)?

JKSOS is an institution that provides open and distance learning opportunities for students in Jammu and Kashmir.

4. How do I prepare for the upcoming JKBOSE exams?

To prepare for JKBOSE exams, make sure to follow the provided datesheets, syllabus, and study materials. Seek guidance from teachers and mentors if needed.

5. Where can I find resources to support my education in Jammu and Kashmir?

You can find resources and support for your education through local educational institutions, libraries, and online educational platforms. Be sure to explore all available options to enhance your learning experience.

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