JKSCERT Class 8th Datesheet 2024 For Kashmir Division – Important Update

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JKSCERT Class 8th Datesheet 2024 For Kashmir Division – Important Update

In a recent turn of events, a purported Class 8th datesheet for the academic year 2024, supposedly issued by JKSCERT, has surfaced on various social media platforms.

This unexpected revelation has prompted a surge in inquiries from concerned students, questioning the legitimacy of the circulating datesheet.

To address the growing concerns, our team reached out to authoritative sources within the Jammu and Kashmir Education Department for clarification.

The information obtained unequivocally confirms that there has been no official release of a Class 8th datesheet from JKSCERT. Consequently, the datesheet in circulation is now deemed to be misleading and false.

The prevalence of misinformation on social media platforms underscores the importance of verifying information from reliable sources.

Students are strongly advised not to place their trust in unverified datesheets and to refrain from spreading unconfirmed news.

In an effort to keep the public well-informed, the J&K Education Department emphasizes that any official datesheet will be exclusively released on designated government portals.

To further ensure accuracy, we commit to promptly sharing any legitimate updates on our website.

This serves as a timely reminder for students to exercise caution and patience, awaiting official announcements from credible sources. As the situation unfolds, our commitment to providing accurate and timely information remains steadfast.

Stay tuned for further updates on academic schedules and trust only verified sources for reliable information.

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