New Rules Announced for Coaching Centres in J&K – Key Highlights on Fees, Age, Study Hours, Penalties, and More

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New Rules Announced for Coaching Centres in J&K – Key Highlights on Fees, Age, Study Hours, Penalties, and More

In a move to address concerns surrounding unregulated private coaching centers, the Ministry of Education in India has unveiled the “Guidelines for Registration and Regulation of Coaching Center 2024.”

These guidelines aim to provide a structured framework for registration, set minimum standards, and prioritize the well-being of students.

1. Transparent Marketing Practices: Coaching centers are required to maintain transparency in marketing, refraining from misleading promises or guarantees to attract parents and students. An updated website must contain information on tutors’ qualifications, courses, curriculum details, duration, hostel facilities, and fees.

2. Student Enrolment: Enrolment is restricted for students below the age of 16, and entry is allowed only after completing secondary school examinations.

3. Fair Fee Structures: Tuition fees must be fair and reasonable, with detailed receipts provided. A comprehensive prospectus should include information on courses, duration, classes, tutorials, hostel facilities, fees, exit policies, and refund procedures.

4. Exit Policy: In cases of mid-course withdrawals, a pro-rata refund is mandated within 10 days. Any fee increase during the course duration is strictly prohibited.

5. Infrastructure Requirements: Coaching centers must adhere to specific infrastructure standards, including allocating a minimum of one square meter per student in each class. Compliance with fire safety and building codes, along with obtaining Fire and Building Safety Certificates, is compulsory.

6. Study Hours: Classes should not coincide with school hours, allowing regular attendance. The curriculum timetable should permit students to relax and recuperate, with mandatory weekly offs for both students and tutors.

7. Complaint Mechanism: A mechanism for filing complaints against coaching centers has been established. Complaints will be resolved within thirty days by the competent authority or an inquiry committee.

8. Penalties: Penalties for violations include ₹25,000 for the first offense, ₹1 lakh for a second offense, and registration revocation for subsequent breaches.

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These guidelines aim to tackle issues such as exorbitant fees, student stress, and malpractices in unregulated coaching centers.

It is essential to note that the regulation of +2 level education falls under the jurisdiction of State/UT governments, and these guidelines provide support for ensuring ethical operations.

For coaching centers in Jammu and Kashmir, adherence to these regulations will be crucial to maintaining a standard of education that prioritizes student welfare and academic integrity.

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