J&K Govt Announces Power Curtailment Schedule for Metered/Non-Metered Consumers

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Jammu and Kashmir Government Announces Power Curtailment Schedule

Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir – The Jammu and Kashmir government has recently released the power curtailment schedule for October 2023. This schedule applies to both metered and non-metered consumers in the region.

For metered consumers, there will be a curtailment of power supply for 4.5 hours each day during the month of October. This measure has been put in place to manage the power distribution effectively and ensure that electricity is distributed fairly across the region.

Non-metered consumers, on the other hand, will experience an 8-hour power curtailment daily in October. This schedule is part of the government’s efforts to address power distribution challenges and to ensure that everyone has access to electricity.

The announcement of the power curtailment schedule for October 2023 is essential for residents and businesses in Jammu and Kashmir to plan their daily activities accordingly. The government aims to strike a balance between the needs of consumers and the available power resources.

It’s worth noting that power curtailment schedules may be subject to change based on the evolving power supply situation and the overall demand. Consumers are encouraged to stay informed about any updates related to this schedule.

As the region enters the month of October, residents are advised to make necessary arrangements to minimize any inconvenience caused by power curtailments.

The government continues to work on improving the overall power infrastructure in Jammu and Kashmir to ensure a stable and reliable power supply for its citizens.

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