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Kashmir University Issues Crucial Notifications: B.Ed Admission Date Extended and Faculty Positions Open

In a recent development, Kashmir University has released essential notifications, addressing key aspects of academic activities. These updates encompass crucial information for prospective students and individuals seeking academic positions within the university.

1. B.Ed Admission Date Extension:

The University has issued a date extension notice for the admission process to the B.Ed program in Private Colleges. The extension, dated 21-12-2023, provides aspiring candidates with additional time to complete their applications, ensuring a fair and comprehensive selection process.

2. Faculty Recruitment Advertisement Notices:

Furthermore, Kashmir University has announced opportunities for academic professionals with the release of Advertisement Notices No.14 and No.15 of 2023.

These notices pertain to the recruitment of Associate Professors and Professors, respectively, in various Campuses, Departments, Institutes, and Centres.

Advertisement Notice No.14 of 2023 – Associate Professor Positions:
The university is inviting applications for Associate Professor positions, showcasing its commitment to enhancing the academic prowess across different domains.

Interested candidates are encouraged to review the detailed notice released on 20-12-2023 for comprehensive information on eligibility criteria and application procedures.

Advertisement Notice No.15 of 2023 – Professor Positions:
In a parallel announcement, Kashmir University has opened positions for Professors, emphasizing its dedication to fostering a dynamic and knowledgeable faculty.

Aspiring candidates are advised to refer to the detailed notice released on 20-12-2023 for specific details regarding qualifications and application guidelines.

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These notifications underscore the university’s proactive approach to academic excellence and talent acquisition.

Prospective students and academic professionals are urged to diligently follow the guidelines outlined in the respective notices to ensure a smooth and transparent application process.

As the Kashmir University community awaits the response from potential candidates, these developments mark a significant stride towards maintaining educational standards and fostering a robust academic environment in the region.

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