How Can Pakistan Still Qualify in the ICC World Cup 2023 Semi-Finals?

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ICC World Cup 2023: Pakistan’s Narrow Path to Semi-Finals

Pakistan’s journey to the 2023 ICC World Cup semi-finals has become a steep uphill battle following a heartbreaking one-wicket loss to South Africa on Friday. However, the possibility still exists, albeit a challenging one.

As things stand, Pakistan is currently in the sixth position on the points table with two wins out of six matches. To secure a spot in the semi-finals, they must go through a series of intricate scenarios.

Remaining Fixtures:

  • Pakistan faces Bangladesh on October 31 in Kolkata’s Eden Gardens.
  • Then, they clash with New Zealand in Bengaluru.
  • Their last group stage match is against England in Kolkata.

For Pakistan to have a shot at the semi-finals, they need to win all three of these upcoming games. If they succeed, they would accumulate 10 points. However, it doesn’t end there; they also need some favorable outcomes in other matches.

Here’s what needs to happen with other teams:

Australia: Currently holding 6 points from 5 matches, Pakistan hopes for Australia to lose at least three of their remaining four games. This, combined with Pakistan’s winning streak, would level the playing field.

Sri Lanka: With 4 points from 5 matches, Pakistan needs Sri Lanka to lose at least two of their last four games, ideally against India and New Zealand, who are strong contenders.

Afghanistan: Sharing the same points as Sri Lanka, Afghanistan must also lose two matches to assist Pakistan’s cause.

Bangladesh: Currently with 2 points from 5 matches, Bangladesh can only reach 8 points if Pakistan achieves the elusive three consecutive victories. In this case, Bangladesh would be out of the semi-final contention.

England: With 2 points from 5 matches, England will only reach 8 points if they lose to Pakistan in their upcoming encounter.

Netherlands: With 2 points from 5 matches, Pakistan needs the Netherlands to lose at least one of their remaining four matches.

In summary, Pakistan’s path to the semi-finals involves winning all their matches and relying on other teams to lose specific games. While it’s a complex scenario, cricket often surprises with its twists and turns, leaving room for hope among Pakistan’s cricket fans.

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