BCCI Hands Two-Year Ban to Jammu and Kashmir Cricketer

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A cricketer hailing from the scenic landscapes of Jammu and Kashmir faced a two-year ban imposed by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on a recent Saturday. This punitive measure was taken due to the submission of multiple birth certificates.

In an official statement released by the Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association (JKCA), the player in question was identified as Vanshaj Sharma, a resident of Bishnah.

As a consequence of his actions, Vanshaj Sharma finds himself barred from participating in any BCCI tournaments for the next two years, starting from October 27.

However, there is a glimmer of hope for Sharma as the JKCA has revealed that once the two-year ban runs its course, he will only be eligible to compete in the Senior Men’s Tournament organized by the BCCI. His involvement in any age group tournaments under the BCCI’s purview will remain strictly prohibited.

The JKCA has consistently emphasized the importance of adhering to ethical standards and fair play, underscoring the dire consequences that befall players who engage in such activities. It firmly believes that the penalties imposed by the BCCI can significantly impede a player’s career.

In this particular case, Vanshaj Sharma chose to relocate to another state and applied for membership in the U-23 Men’s team of Bihar. However, the JKCA points out that since he was originally registered by them in the 2021-22 season, his information was readily available to the BCCI. Despite his association change, Sharma was apprehended for submitting multiple birth certificates.

As a result of these actions, Vanshaj Sharma faces a two-year hiatus from competitive cricket and a permanent ban from participating in age group tournaments.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the consequences that come with attempting to manipulate one’s credentials in the world of cricket.

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