Heavy Snowfall in Kashmir: Check Chances of Snow from January 25th to 30th

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Heavy Snowfall in Kashmir: Check Chances of Snow from January 25th to 30th

As winter maintains its grip on the enchanting region of Kashmir, we delve into the upcoming weather scenarios from 25th to 30th January.

A meticulous examination of the forecasts reveals a nuanced picture, with no significant snowfall anticipated initially, but subtle possibilities emerge as we progress through the week.

Join us in navigating the intricacies of the weather projections for each day, offering insights into the potential impact on various regions, especially for those planning activities in the picturesque landscapes of Jammu and Kashmir.

25th Jan:

Weather forecasts for Kashmir suggest no significant snowfall, with a slight chance of minor snow showers in higher elevations at one or two locations. (Forecast Confidence = 95%)

26th Jan:

No major weather events expected, but there is a moderate likelihood of a minor spell of snow in some higher reaches. (Forecast Confidence = 80%)

27th Jan:

Weather predictions indicate no significant changes, though a few models hint at the possibility of rain or snow in specific areas towards evening/night. (Forecast Confidence = 65%)

28th Jan:

No noteworthy weather shifts until late afternoon. The next spell may begin in the evening or late night. (Forecast Confidence = 75%)

29th Jan:

Potential for light to moderate rain/snow in parts of Jammu and Kashmir. Moderate snowfall is likely in higher elevations. Weather models suggest no major snowfall in plains, particularly for central and south Kashmir plains. (Forecast Confidence = 60%) (Changes in Forecast Possible)

30th Jan:

Current conditions suggest no significant weather events. (Forecast Confidence = 80%)


Monitoring conditions for 31st Jan; indications of another spell, clarity expected in the coming days.

Conditions for 29th Jan subject to change; further decrease or increase in expected intensity possible. Forecasts continuously updated for 29th Jan.

For Tourists: Sinthan Top remains closed during snowfall events. Plan activities accordingly and stay updated with the latest forecasts.

The upcoming spell may bring slight relief; however, more spells needed to compensate for the deficit J&K faced in the last 2 months.

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