Watch Video: Snowfall Predicted in Kashmir: Director MeT Dr Mukhtar Speaks

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Snowfall Predicted in Kashmir: Dr Mukhtar Shares in Latest Video

In a recent update from the Meteorological Department, Dr Mukhtar, the Director, provided insights into the upcoming weather conditions in the Kashmir region.

Contrary to expectations, the Weatherman has ruled out any significant weather activity until January 24, despite the presence of two Western Disturbances (WDs) this week.

According to the MeT official, dry weather is anticipated to persist until January 24, with subtle WDs approaching on the 16th and 20th evening.

Under the influence of these disturbances, generally cloudy weather with light rain and snow is expected over isolated middle and higher reaches during January 16th and 20th night.

However, the official emphasized that there is no noteworthy weather activity anticipated until January 24.

Looking ahead, he indicated that, according to various models, there is a possibility of light rain and snow at scattered places from January 25-27, with more precise updates expected in the coming days.

Furthermore, the official highlighted that dense fog, coupled with cold day conditions, is likely to persist until January 16 over the plains of the Jammu region.

Watch Video Below:

In Video: Director MeT Dr Mukhtar Speaks | Credits: ANH

Meanwhile, the Kashmir valley is currently experiencing ‘Chillai-Kalan,’ the 40-day harsh period of winter, scheduled to conclude on January 29.

It’s crucial to note that the conclusion of ‘Chillai-Kalan’ does not mark the end of winter, as it is followed by a 20-day-long period known as ‘Chillai-Khurd’ from January 30 to February 19, and a 10-day-long period ‘Chillai-Bachha’ (baby cold) from February 20 to March 1. Stay tuned for further weather updates in the coming days.

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