RTO Kashmir Clarifies Details of Rs 5 Lakh Subsidy Scheme

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RTO Kashmir Clarifies Details of Rs 5 Lakh Subsidy Scheme

Srinagar, Jan 20: Shahnawaz Bukhari, the Regional Transport Officer (RTO) for Kashmir, clarified the scope of the recently introduced subsidy scheme for vehicles over 15 years old.

Speaking to the media, he conveyed that the Rs 5 lakh subsidy is exclusively intended for buses.

In discussions with news agency, Bukhari highlighted that the scheme targets bus owners with buses exceeding the 15-year lifespan.

“This initiative offers a subsidy of Rs 5 lakh for bus owners looking to replace their aging vehicles with new ones,” he explained.

While the focus is currently on buses, Bukhari mentioned the possibility of extending the scheme to other vehicle segments based on received feedback, particularly for mini-buses.

“For bus owners with vehicles surpassing 15 years in service, the application process for the subsidy to acquire a new bus is straightforward.

They can submit their applications at our office, and the procedure will be handled accordingly,” he assured.

Addressing concerns about the backlog in driving license issuances, RTO Kashmir informed that the printing of licenses has been outsourced to a government agency.

Efforts are underway to clear the backlog within the next 15 to 30 days.

This government initiative aims to provide targeted support to bus owners, facilitating the rejuvenation of the public transportation fleet in Kashmir.

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