Salaries of Several Employees Suspended in Kashmir

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Salaries of Several Employees Suspended in Kashmir

Rajouri, October 28: Dr. Iqbal Malik, the Block Medical Officer (BMO) of Nowshera, has taken a strict stance against 17 employees from three Health Centers who were found absent from their official duties without authorization. In a series of orders issued on Thursday, Dr. Malik sought explanations from these employees for their unauthorized absence.

In a move to ensure accountability, the BMO has decided to withhold the salaries of these employees for the month of October.

Additionally, he has directed the deduction of two and a half days’ worth of salaries from their paychecks, with the deducted amount to be deposited into the government treasury and properly recorded in their service books.

It’s worth noting that non-gazetted staff in the Health & Medical Education Department are entitled to an extra two and a half days’ salary when they perform additional duties on Sundays and holidays, as provided by the government.

On Friday afternoon, Dr. Iqbal Malik conducted surprise visits to the Primary Health Center (PHC) 24X7 in Lamberi, where he discovered five employees absent without proper authorization. At the Hanjana Sub-Center (Health Wellness Center), he found the facility locked.

The BMO has instructed all the employees who were absent without authorization to provide explanations for their actions and clarify why disciplinary action should not be taken against them under the Employees (Classification, Control, and Appeal Rules). They have been given a deadline of 2 days to submit their responses.

In the meantime, the salaries for the month of October 2023 will be withheld, and two and a half days’ worth of salary will be deducted and deposited into the Government Treasury, with the appropriate entries being made in their service records.

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