Important Updates for JKBOSE Candidates of Classes 10th, 11th, and 12th in Academic Session 2023-24

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Important Updates for JKBOSE Candidates for Academic Session 2023-24

In the world of education, every detail counts. JKBOSE (Jammu & Kashmir Board of School Education) recognizes this and has recently issued a crucial notification for the upcoming Academic Session 2023-24. This notification is aimed at all the Heads of affiliated Government/Private Institutions/Schools UTS of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh. It pertains to corrections in the registered particulars of candidates for Classes 10, 11, and 12. Here’s all you need to know:

1. The Need for Corrections

The JKBOSE acknowledges the importance of accurate student data. Any errors in the registered particulars can lead to various issues for the students. Therefore, it is essential to rectify any discrepancies in the eligibility forms.

2. Correction Period

The correction period begins on 01-11-2023 and lasts until 15-11-2023. During this time, institutions are expected to submit the necessary corrections to the concerned Sub/Branch offices. A token fine of Rs. 200 per candidate will be charged for this period.

3. Extended Correction Period

For institutions needing more time, an extended correction period is available. From 16-11-2023 to 30-11-2023, institutions can continue to submit corrections. However, the token fine during this period is Rs. 500 per candidate.

4. Submission Process

Institutions should compile all the corrections and submit them to the R.R. Sections J.D/K.D. Corrections must be submitted in both hard and soft copies (in Excel format only) to the respective email addresses mentioned below:

  • For Jammu Division:
  • For Kashmir Division:

5. Timely Action

It’s crucial to note that no claims will be accepted after the last date, which is 30-11-2023. Any delay in submitting corrections may lead to unforeseen consequences.

The JKBOSE’s notification underlines the importance of maintaining accurate student data. Institutions are urged to take prompt action during the correction period to ensure that students’ records are error-free and up to date.


1. What is the purpose of these corrections?

  • These corrections aim to rectify errors in the registered particulars of students, ensuring accurate records.

2. How much is the fine for corrections during the initial period?

  • The fine during the initial period is Rs. 200 per candidate.

3. Can corrections be submitted after 30-11-2023?

  • No, the JKBOSE will not accept any claims after this date.

4. How should corrections be submitted?

  • Corrections must be submitted in hard and soft copies (in Excel format) to the designated email addresses.

5. What if an institution misses the initial correction period?

  • They can still submit corrections but with an increased fine of Rs. 500 per candidate during the extended correction period.

This notification serves as a reminder of the JKBOSE’s commitment to maintaining accurate student records, benefiting both institutions and students alike. Don’t miss the deadlines, and ensure that your students’ records are in order.

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