Good News! Snowfall Starts In Kashmir After Dry Spell

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Good News! Snowfall Starts In Kashmir After Dry Spell

Srinagar, January 25: Residents of Kashmir can finally breathe a sigh of relief as the much-awaited snowfall has made its presence felt in the region, breaking a month-long dry spell.

The southern region, particularly at Peer Ki Gali in Shopian District along the Mughal Road, has been blessed with the first snowfall of the season.

According to sources on the ground, the snowfall commenced recently and continues to blanket the area, providing a picturesque scene and a much-needed respite from the dry conditions.

Meteorologists have been closely monitoring the weather patterns, and their forecasts indicate that the entire Jammu and Kashmir region can expect isolated to scattered light rain and snow in the upcoming days.

This forecast comes as a welcome relief for farmers and locals who have been eagerly awaiting the precipitation to nourish their crops and replenish water reservoirs.

Despite the joyous occasion, authorities are urging caution as they anticipate potential disruptions due to the snowfall.

The Meteorological Office has issued a comprehensive advisory covering the period from January 28 to 31, highlighting the likelihood of temporary road closures in higher elevations and critical passes such as Sinthan Pass, Mughal Road, Sadhna and Razdan Pass, and Zojila. These closures could impact travel plans and necessitate alternative routes for commuters and travelers.

In light of these potential disruptions, travelers are advised to plan their journeys accordingly and stay updated on the latest weather forecasts and road conditions.

The meteorological department has reiterated the importance of staying vigilant and prepared during this period to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents and visitors.

Looking ahead, the forecast indicates the possibility of light rain or snow at scattered locations on February 1, further emphasizing the need for continued vigilance and preparedness in the region.

As the snowfall continues to blanket Kashmir with its serene beauty, residents are embracing the arrival of winter and the promise of a bountiful season ahead.

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